Wedding Packages

Full Planning

We offer many different wedding packages, from our all-inclusive, full-service package to more streamlined services.

For those couples who prefer to plan their own weddings, we offer both a Wedding Advice service and a Day Planning and Coordination service. Each is designed to work harmoniously with the couple’s own plans, making their wedding run effortlessly and smoothly.

Please contact us for more information about our complete event coordination options.

Wedding Advice

Some couples want to plan their own weddings, from beginning to end, but they still need some advice from a professional along the way. For couples such as these, we offer a service with an hour based fee. We will guide you based on your needs, as well as provide you with referrals to some of the best wedding suppliers.

We know some couples can do their own planning, but we want to be there for them if they need any guidance. Our one-time cost usually ends up saving the couple money as we help ease them through their wedding day!

Day Planning and Coordination

Even if a couple has already planned a perfect wedding and needs no professional advice, we can still make sure that the entire day runs smoothly. Our Day Planning fee includes a pre-wedding consultation, during which we review a couple’s run sheet and other documentation. We communicate with representatives of the wedding venue and make sure each element of the wedding goes according to plan. At Allure Events, we focus on you. We listen to you. We understand your hopes and dreams for your big day. And we make those wedding dreams a reality.