Indian Weddings

We love the detail, intricacy and symbolism of a traditional Indian wedding. We appreciate the cultural differences between Indian weddings and traditional western weddings, and we honor and celebrate these differences. Whether you want to celebrate your union with a traditional Indian wedding or combine western and eastern cultures in a non-traditional ceremony, we can help you plan every step of your special day.

Traditionally, an Indian wedding can last several days, and we work closely with each couple and their families to plan every complex and highly choreographed step. Some couples choose only to make a celebration of a particular aspect of the traditional Indian wedding ceremony or to combine aspects of the traditional ceremony with aspects of a western ceremony. We discuss each of these important details with the couples and their families, tailoring each celebration to the values and desires of the couple.

Ritual and tradition are important in the Indian wedding ceremony, and we celebrate the color, vibrancy and joy of this wonderful occasion.